Facing Fear


It’s been a very long time since I’ve updated/posted a message on this blog, but I have a message I want to share that I believe will be helpful in some way to many people. It’s not a new message by any means, but one that is worth repeating.

We all feel fear at one point or another; it’s natural and in some cases, life saving. Fear isn’t always a bad thing, but at the same time, sometimes we need to push past fear to move forward. Writers, I can tell you, have to push past fears on a regular basis, or stay stagnant, wishing for success but never finding it. To find success in anything, we are often required to face and push through some kind of fear, however big or small.

I will concede that sometimes we should not ignore or push past fear, such as if we are making a decision weather or not to balance on the top of the railing of a building, or walk around a sheer cliff on a ledge hardly big enough for our feet, or jump into water without knowing the depth or what dangers lay hidden beneath (such as large rocks).


We do need common sense and logic, too. Of course. But most of our daily fears are not so dramatic. We may fear asking for a raise, sending in our story or manuscript, auditioning for a role, a job interview, social situations and so much more. When faced with these types of fears, we have two choices. We can choose comfort or we can choose to grow.

Simply writing a blog for some of us is choosing to grow over comfort. That’s the case for me. Sending a short story in for publication or entering a story in a contest is choosing growth over comfort as well. Most of us have to make this choice between experiencing growth or settling for comfort several times a day. Good for you every time you choose growth!

I would encourage you to choose growth as often as you can. You’ll never regret growth, but you may regret choosing comfort. Not always, but much of the time. Take a look back at choices you’ve made and how that played out. Even just over the last month.

Think of fear not as a roadblock, but rather as a chance to stretch yourself. It’s more of a stop sign. You stop, look both ways than continue through the intersection. You don’t stay stopped.

Anytime we push past our self-imposed boundaries, there’s a chance it might be a little painful at first, but like working out at the gym, the pain will pass and you’ll have gained muscle.

I’m sharing these suggestions as an average person who has personally pushed past her fears and boundaries countless times and reaped the benefits of doing so. I can tell you I would never have gotten any of my work published had I not pushed past my fears. And I’m still pushing and still experiencing the successes and benefits of doing so. Every day.

I’m not saying pushing past fears means you’ll always get what you wanted (that raise or published), but you will increase your chances of getting what you’re after. And you will benefit in several other ways. It’s a no-lose choice to make, pushing past fear. Again, we are talking about the fear that limits you and your potential, not the fear that saves your life.

May we all find the courage to push past our fears when there is a chance for personal growth!

Please feel free to share any stories of your own personal growth experience after facing a fear. However big or small, it’s all good.

To my fellow writers and authors, keep on pushing. The fear may not subside, but your courage will grow with every push. And successes will come more often!

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About ljwrite2014

Linda Juliano is an author of epic proportions. Okay, not epic, but of proportions in any case. Her debut novel is "Cadence Beach", a romantic-suspense. As she writes her second novel, a romantic women's fiction, she is simultaneously writing short stories and flash fiction (even shorter stories) for publication. Her first published flash fiction piece, "Over The Line", can be found in the October, 2017 issue of LiteraryJuice.com, an online literary magazine. You can also find The Blue Hat at Adelaide on-line literary magazine (March 2018) and Caged in Across The Margin e-zine (May 2018 issue). Stay tuned for future publications! When she isn't buried inside a book, or bent over a keyboard typing away furiously, she's probably watching a movie. From action films to syfy to Hallmark Christmas movies, she loves it all! She's also a huge fan of all things chocolate and, thank goodness, exercising. She loves the outdoors, but she's no stranger to the gym. Her reading choices are an eclectic mix, but at the core, she gleans the most from stories about human triumph after overcoming any kind of strong obstacle weather it be physical, mental or of the heart (WW2 stories are a favorite period). It's best if there is a happy ending, however. She's a huge fan of happy endings! As an author/writer, Linda's motto is to entertain the reader's mind while tugging at their heart. She hopes to accomplish that with every story, long or short. You can follow Linda and the trajectory of her writing career on this blog, her Facebook author page, LinkedIn or Goodreads. "The most fearless hearts, the audacious dreamers, have always maintained a sense of optimism that often flies in the face of the available evidence."-- Martin O'Malley "For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else." --Winston Churchill

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