Introvert or Extrovert


So many times I hear (or read) descriptions of introverts and extroverts and how people fall into one camp or the other. It always struck me as strange that I seemed to fall somewhere in the middle of these two camps. Was I just a weirdo? Well, that may be so, but as it turns out, most people fall somewhere in the middle. So these so-called quizzes that place you in one camp or another are simply not accurate. Phew! Here is an article/blog I found that supports this very observation.

I think most of us will find we lean towards one of those personality descriptions a bit more than the other, but we also take a few traits from the “other side”. For example, I can lean towards the extrovert description in that I feel recharged in some social situations (usually with 1-3 people tops), but like introverts, I also need time alone to recharge. It depends on my particular mood at that particular time.

The extrovert side of me can also be quite outgoing (if the moon is aligned properly), but true to my introvert half, I am slow to build friendships (real friendships, not the easily acquired acquaintances).

Bottom line, none of us can be summed up quite so easily as one of only two options of personality. Each of us has a specific, unique personality that can be described in many ways on any given day.

Would you agree, or do you find yourself planted firmly in either the introvert or extrovert camp? There is no wrong answer.

Whether you land on one side or the other, or somewhere in the middle, your personality is uniquely you.

Image result for image of extrovert and introvert

Then there is Ambivert. A third option that fits neatly into everything stated above.

So, try to understand who you are then embrace it. 😉

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Linda Juliano is an author of epic proportions. Okay, not epic, but of proportions in any case. Her debut novel is "Cadence Beach", a romantic-suspense. As she writes her second novel, a romantic women's fiction, she is simultaneously writing short stories and flash fiction (even shorter stories) for publication. Her first published flash fiction piece, "Over The Line", can be found in the October, 2017 issue of, an online literary magazine. You can also find The Blue Hat at Adelaide on-line literary magazine (March 2018) and Caged in Across The Margin e-zine (May 2018 issue). Stay tuned for future publications! When she isn't buried inside a book, or bent over a keyboard typing away furiously, she's probably watching a movie. From action films to syfy to Hallmark Christmas movies, she loves it all! She's also a huge fan of all things chocolate and, thank goodness, exercising. She loves the outdoors, but she's no stranger to the gym. Her reading choices are an eclectic mix, but at the core, she gleans the most from stories about human triumph after overcoming any kind of strong obstacle weather it be physical, mental or of the heart (WW2 stories are a favorite period). It's best if there is a happy ending, however. She's a huge fan of happy endings! As an author/writer, Linda's motto is to entertain the reader's mind while tugging at their heart. She hopes to accomplish that with every story, long or short. You can follow Linda and the trajectory of her writing career on this blog, her Facebook author page, LinkedIn or Goodreads. "The most fearless hearts, the audacious dreamers, have always maintained a sense of optimism that often flies in the face of the available evidence."-- Martin O'Malley "For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else." --Winston Churchill

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