Summer Vacation Brain Funk


Some people forget to pack their shorts or extra underwear or hairspray when they go on vacation, but this summer I forgot to pack my brain.

My “brain funk” began to show its ugly face in full force when I paid for parking at a meter that did not need to be paid after 7 p.m. Yes, it was indeed past 7 p.m. Although I will share only half of that blame as the meter should be rigged NOT to accept payment during the free hours. I’m just saying…

On another night, I left a restaurant with friends, having forgotten to A) sign for my bill and B) take my credit card with me. I’d never done such a thing before and it, quite frankly, scared me a little. I’m not sure who was more relieved when I re-entered the restaurant- me for finding my card safe and sound, or the waiter who likely wanted a tip for his work.

Later, when settling down to read a book (The Girl on the Train), I was disappointed when I couldn’t find my reading glasses. After an intensive search of all my bags and around my mother’s house where I was staying, I spun into full panic, realizing I’d actually lost my glasses. My new glasses!

Unfortunately, I didn’t stop there; I also suffered bouts of direction amnesia. Twice I went to my cousin’s house, passing her street both times, turning down a different road each time, losing my way. Honestly, it was as though my mind had been removed the minute I crossed state lines.

I did go back to the restaurant to retrieve my credit card (and actually pay my bill!); I found my cousin’s house AND took the correct route without incident upon my third trip there; and I did indeed find my “lost” glasses in my suitcase when I returned home from the trip. This “brain recovery” gave me some solace that I hadn’t totally lost my mind, but I’m still a little shaken from so many incidents. The good news is that there is a cure for vacation brain funk: arriving back home and diving into familiar routines. Simply getting back to work on daily work projects has settled my brain back into my head and strapped it in place. Well…as in place as It ever can be.

I hope I pull off my next vacation without incident. I shall put brain at the top of my packing list! One should, in my humble opinion, not leave home without it. Though, admittedly, doing so can lead to some interesting adventures. But…I’m not sure I want to take my chances as interesting could easily be replaced with horrifying, or just plain frustrating. 😉


About ljwrite2014

Linda Juliano is an author of epic proportions. Okay, not epic, but of proportions in any case. Her debut novel is "Cadence Beach", a romantic-suspense. As she writes her second novel, a romantic women's fiction, she is simultaneously writing short stories and flash fiction (even shorter stories) for publication. Her first published flash fiction piece, "Over The Line", can be found in the October, 2017 issue of, an online literary magazine. Stay tuned for future publications! When she doesn't have her face and mind buried inside a book, or when not bent over a keyboard typing away furiously, Linda enjoys hiking in the mountains, walking the perimeter of beautiful lakes, strolling through Golden Gate Park, visiting one of the excellent museums in San Francisco, walking anywhere along the cliffs of the coastline for spectacular views, or spending time with friends and family. A hot cup of tea and anything chocolate (not necessarily together) are her idea of absolute comfort. But the truest depth of her joy and comfort come from her faith and love for her family and friends. As far as her preferred reading library goes, it's an eclectic mix, but at the core, she gleans the most from stories about human triumph after overcoming any kind of strong obstacle weather it be physical, mental or of the heart. Bottom line, she likes a "happy" ending. As an author/writer, Linda's motto is to entertain the reader's mind while tugging at their heart. You can follow Linda and the trajectory of her writing career on this blog, her Facebook author page, Twitter and Goodreads. "The most fearless hearts, the audacious dreamers, have always maintained a sense of optimism that often flies in the face of the available evidence."-- Martin O'Malley "For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else." --Winston Churchill

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